Nov 2011 15


I had the privilege of being brought up in a very Christ centered environment. Growing up in here in Ames; everything from my family, to the Christian school I attended had God at the center of it. At the age of 6 in Christian school, I surrendered my life to Christ because I realized that my righteousness could not rescue me from my sin, and the cross was my only hope to be made right with God.

From a very young age, music was a very important part of my life. I first started to going to Cornerstone Church when I was 5 years old, which immersed me in a culture that pushes young people to use the arts for Christ. I continued to play piano, guitar, sing, and write songs through elementary and middle school. In 8th grade, I began leading worship for 180, Cornerstone’s middle school ministry. After a few months, I began also leading for Escape 22, Cornerstone’s high school ministry.

Three years later, I am now a junior at Gilbert High School, and still play an active role in leading worship at 180 and Escape 22. While occasionally I have the opportunity to lead different services for other ministries and events, my primary focus is serving at 180 and Escape 22. I’m excited to see what God has in store for me as a worship leader in my final two years of high school, and even what he has planned in the future in college and beyond. Until then, I will strive daily to bring Christ glory and continue to live life in awe of the One who gave it all.


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