What is “THE WORSHIP PROJECT,” anyway?
Nov 2011 15

All of my life I have been searching for meaning, joy, purpose, and direction. I never found it, until I found Christ.

What is worship? I go into more detail here, but for now, WORSHIP is that action of delight, which we all do, we all enjoy, and do be design.

The worship project is my attempt to put together a comprehensive idea on what worship is, and then HOW we actually live it out. It has it’s expressions in our personal lives, and has it’s expression in our cooperate lives. Both play critical roles in it’s ultimate fulfillment.

My desire is to learn with you about this new covenant worship as it is expressed in our everyday lives. I hope to:

1.  Challenge you to think about worship correctly

2.  Challenge you to live differently

3.  Challenge to love what is infinitely lovable

4.   Join together with other believers to encourage them to do the same.


The vision, as I laid it out some months ago is:

To rally and inspire music leaders to create a local (and online) movement …

… To shepherd and train the local church body in worship as a life orientation

… To inspire church confidence in the leadership of the music ministry at Cornerstone

… To provide the local church with helpful resources for cooperate and personal worship

… To provide a resource for other music ministries, as well as the framing of a future C.S.T. for worship class


Join us in this journey, as we seek together, to maximize our lives, for the worship of the one true King.


  Todd Wallace
  Worship Director
  Cornerstone Church of Ames

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