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I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, a hectic city with a population of 12 million people during the day and around 9 million people at night (a lot of people commute into the city from the suburbs and nearby towns). Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country, which consists of distinct ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups. My parents are both Christ followers and so they raised my older brother, my twin sister, and I with Christian values and examples. I am truly grateful for that. I moved to the United States in the Fall of 2000 to attend Iowa State University. At the time, I knew very little English (I learned a little bit of grammar and vocabularies from high school) and have never spoken it for more than a mere 3 sentences at most (Indonesia has its own national language, Bahasa Indonesia. So people will think you are either crazy or trying to show off if you speak English to them).

Upon arrival to the US, my brother, who had been attending Iowa State for 2 years, warned me that the city of Ames is nothing like Jakarta. “Be prepared to be bored and get used to seeing corn fields”, he said. And he was mostly right. While in college, he introduced me to Cornerstone Church. I thought the church was really fascinating because of the live band and all the other fancy stuff. But after attending it for a while, what intrigued me the most was the fact that the people who attend this church, along with the pastors, always try to live righteously (although they usually fail). And they are not ashamed to share their stories and how God’s mercy is always there to forgive them. Attending the service every weekend always helps me to put things back in perspective and to realize what truly matters in life.

I am blessed to have found a home away from home, in a small town in the middle of nowhere. I currently lead the worship team for International Friendship Connection (IFC), which focuses on reaching out to international students who come to Ames. I believe God has put me here for a bigger purpose than just earning an engineering degree from Iowa State. To Him be the glory!

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