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Hey everyone! My name is Trevor Roose and I am currently a junior at Iowa State studying Mechanical Engineering.  Right now, I’m having a blast working with junior high and high school kids as the 180/Escape worship intern! Hopefully through this short bio, you can get to know a little bit more about me!

I grew up on a farm a couple miles outside of Pella, Iowa the oldest of 6 kids. My parents were/are awesome and were always pushing/living a Christian lifestyle. I really don’t remember a time when we didn’t go to church on Sunday. When I was 7 years old, I remember one night talking about Jesus with my mom and accepting him into my life. Initially, I think I knew there was something special about it but I really didn’t understand it fully. I was one of those kids that knew all of the answers in Sunday School, but really didn’t have a relationship with Christ. Fortunately, that all started to change in high school. Through different retreats, my parents, my youth pastors, and God’s grace, I began to change and actually have that relationship with Christ. Coming here to Iowa State has been a HUGE blessing. Having the Salt Company and Cornerstone has been incredible. It has been great not only for the great teaching, worship etc, but also for the awesome fellowship and accountability between believers. It truly is great to see and be apart of the work that God is doing!

As far as music goes, our family has always been a musical family, which has been great! We took part in a lot of music related activities such as choir and piano lessons. I never really was a huge fan of piano lessons (looking back I wish I was) so when I started high school, I thought the guitar would be a much “cooler” instrument to play. I bought one my freshmen year and started teaching myself how to play. Once I learned how to play, I began playing at church on a couple of the worship teams. During my senior year, we started an FCA chapter at on the local high schools. I started out on the team and later in year, began to start leading the team as the worship leader. Once I got here at Iowa State, I quickly became involved in Cornerstone and Salt Company. I started out my freshmen year, playing on the Freshmen Group (Salt Company freshmen ministry) as an electric guitar player. During the spring semester, both of the current leaders Justan Spaid and Mark Duvick decided to be apart of the Iowa City team. Since they were leaving, Josh Kerns and I were “appointed” as the leaders for the next year. Josh and I ended up leading the FG team for last portion of freshmen year and then all of sophomore year. Now here I am junior year, like I mentioned before, having an awesome time working with Escape/180!

Hopefully this has been of help letting you get a little glimpse into my life! If you ever see me around Cornerstone stop me as I would love to meet you. Escape/180 kids, I’d especially like to hang out sometime with you guys!

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