Jan 2012 27
A great way to begin your personal worship journey, is to check out cornerstonelife.com for a ton a helpful resources.
Enter the blogosphere with us and stay up to date with God’s eternal work at Cornerstone Church. From daily Bible readings to the workings of God in the hearts of our staff, find encouragement from our posts.

TIMELESS TEXTS (Old Testament with Pastor Jeff) | Read the Old Testament with Pastor Jeff. His blog includes the daily reading as well as Jeff’s commentary. VIEW BLOG

RELEVANT READINGS (New Testament with Pastor Troy) | Read the New Testament with Pastor Troy. His blog includes the daily reading as well as Troy’s commentary. VIEW BLOG

HOPE CHILDREN’S CENTER (AFRICA) | Cornerstone is leading the charge and partnering with churches around the U.S. to start our first children’s center. A home for orphans in Sirenje, Zambia, Hope Children’s Center will meet basic needs and provide spiritual hope for hundreds of children. VIEW BLOG

WEEKEND SERVICES SONG LIST | Do you want to know the name of the songs we sing each weekend during services? Check out our blog so you can find the songs online, purchase them and worship wherever you are. VIEW BLOG

WORLD CHRISTIANS | Get the latest updates and thoughts from our regional and global director, Tim Lubinus. VIEW BLOG

MARK ARANT: VERITAS CHURCH LEAD PASTOR | Subscribe to Mark’s blog and be culturally relevant (metro) and join people seeking the glory of God in all of life (puritan). Mark, our former college director, planted a church in Iowa City. VIEW BLOG

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