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My name is Isaac Schmidt and I’m a recent graduate from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and a minor in Speech Communication. I currently help lead worship at The Salt Company and Cornerstone’s Sunday services and am on the Anthem team.

I was born in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, lived there for an exhilarating two weeks, and moved to Treynor, Iowa, where I grew up on a farm just outside of town. I was raised by two amazing parents who love Christ and love me. My brothers and I grew up in the church always knowing and believing that Jesus died for our sins but not really understanding the weight of what that meant for our lives. It wasn’t until coming to Iowa State and getting plugged into The Salt Company that God began to really open my eyes to the depth of my sin and the overflowing richness of His mercy and I began to actively seek and live my life for Him.

I grew up with my mom playing piano but being the rebellious young gent that I was, I resisted lessons as fervently as possible. I started playing trumpet in 5th grade and continued all through high school. I bought an acoustic guitar (and a mandolin, I like to collect instruments) my sophomore year of high school and started learning as many song as I could. It wasn’t till my sophomore year of college that I really got involved with worship at Freshman Group and The Salt Company. I have really enjoyed being a part of these ministries and am excited for what God has yet to teach me through serving here. I have a passion to see God’s name glorified in people’s lives and am so thankful to have the privilege of leading His people corporately in worship.

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