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I love the ability of art to bring to life what we know to be true but have disengaged with on an emotional and intellectual level.  I’ve found this especially true in my life when it comes to certain narratives of the bible.  The stories of Adam & Eve, Noah, Moses, the exodus of the Israelites, and certainly the life, death and resurrection of Jesus can all become become rote.  The combination of hearing them since I was a child and being removed culturally from the context of the stories can often make it difficult for the true power of these events to break through to our souls.

Elevation Church in North Carolina produced this video for their Easter service this year.  It opens with the line:

“This story is a testament to His plan.  A loving father and a faithful son. Our Father’s righteous plan revealed through the story of Abraham and Isaac.”

They capture the power of the story beautifully.  And for me it brought to life the incredible obedience of Abraham as God asked him kill his son.  Abraham and Isaac journeyed for three days, something I had forgotten or never realized, before they got to where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac.  As you watch you can see Abraham strain under the burden of knowing what God has asked him to do.  The story is a timely reminder, as we just finished celebrating Easter, of the even greater sacrifice our God gave in offering His son for us.


The Fatal Place from Elevation Church on Vimeo.


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